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Liam Glennon

MS Biomedical Engineering, University Of Iowa

BAI Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

BA Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Pre-Post Natal Certified

CPR/AED Certified

There is no end point when it comes to fitness and physical ability. In order to promote longevity and quality of life a workout regime needs to focus on exactly that. Every workout and training experience should result in adaptation, lessons learned and progress attained which, in turn, ensures every successive session is of a higher quality and more innovative then the preceding one. 

'Focused Movement' and 'Education' based rather than 'Calorie Centric' workouts. 

The length of time of a workout is irrelevant. Shorter sessions can be more intense or can be simply used as a tool to negate or reduce joint injury and overuse. Longer sessions can have a technical, meditative or relaxing element to them.

The workout is in the movement and rest duration...

The type of movement is not as important as the focus and attention to detail during the movement. It is possible to perform a predominantly cardiovascular-esque workout doing strength training which does not involve any endurance activities such as walking, running, cycling etc. Conversely it is possible to execute a strength and power based workout using a more endurance based approach, i.e. interspersing running, rowing or climbing throughout. With this methodology joint degeneration and injury due to exhaustion can be negated. 

Improved body mechanics through correct movement during a workout engenders adaptation. A much superior method than the one dimensional approach of focusing on calorie consumption and fat burning. Through concentrated movement during training you mold the body shape you want, i.e. dancer, fighter, gymnast, surfer...and this carries over into improved movement patterns with everyday activities such as getting into, and out of, the car; carrying groceries etc. You are training for your actual life and how to do everything better. As the analogy goes - 'it's not what you do but how you do it'. Movement is not enough, it has to be perfect movement; or at the very least better movement. Training in this style results in better focus in every activity.

There is a limit to improved performance at any level in most sports. An exercise regime that is as technically and emotionally taxing as a serious sport is something that can be followed for your entire life, no matter what physical state you are in, or age you are. Maximum effort is maximum effort regardless of your fitness level, age or physical ability.

My background, education and training dictate my methods. Focus and awareness dominate my workouts and, by extension, the workouts of those I train. Every training session is special and has it's memorable moments; if you can't remember it then it was not worth doing. I surround myself with people who's company I enjoy and who bring out the best in me and make me want to push harder and do more.

 'Working Out' and ‘Training’ are connected but also completely different things

You need to Work Out and Learn before you can Train.


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