Movement is first and foremost in exercise

To 'Integrate'  is to 'make into a whole by bringing together'

The body is "one 'integrated' unit"

PUSH using the entire body

PULL utilizing the entire body

JUMP and ROTATE using the entire body. 

Our training is 'FOCUS and FORM' oriented. With the correct mindset a workout becomes more than just movement and calories burned.

Basic Precepts:

Be focused and aware during movement.

Have a reason for every exercise and movement during training.

Be cognizant of your internal organs.

Train for Flexibility, Endurance, Strength and Power.

Pull more than you Push.

Combine challenge with enjoyment.

Strive towards improving your movement patterns.

There is no warm up and cool down - the whole day is an extension of the workout.

You will look like how you train, how you move and what you eat.